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Now enrolling for the 2016-2018 Academic Years. Please call the school to schedule a tour and for more information regarding our programs.

To register for our Early Parenting and Community Enrichment series, please call us at (512) 260-2261. Our sessions' schedule is being updated and will be posted here soon!

Cedar Park Montessori School offers Preschool and Private Elementary Schools in Cedar Park

Cedar Park Schools, Sapientia & Cedar Park Montessori educates and nurtures children 18 months through 13 years of age, along with decades of experience and service.

Welcome to Sapientia Montessori School in Cedar Park, Texas, and to the uniquely advanced and joyful home of AMI Montessori education. Sapientia – meaning wisdom in Latin – educates and nurtures children 18 months through 13 years of age. From Toddlers to Preschool to Kindergarten and Private Elementary education, Sapientia Montessori School and its family of schools hold the highest level of Montessori Accreditation worldwide and have been the top choice for children education since 1987.

Sapientia Montessori School is part of the oldest and largest family of Montessori Schools in the Greater North Austin area, including North Austin, Northwest Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock and Pflugerville. Our other campuses include the well-known Cedar Park Montessori School (founded in 1997) and Pflugerville Montessori School (founded in 1987) schools, both of which enjoy many community accolades. We have served the North Austin Montessori communities for close to three decades now.

Montessori is an extremely advanced educational program which focuses on developing “the whole child”: Academically, socially and emotionally. Yet, not all Montessori schools are created equal. Over a century of research indicates that AMI Montessori students are: Happy, self-motivated, enthusiastic learners; fluent readers and in mastery of abstract mathematical concepts; compassionate, courteous and respectful in their interactions; socialized above their other peers and able to resolve their conflicts; in possession of high natural self-esteem.

Sapientia Montessori School and its family of Montessori schools uphold Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) accreditation, the world’s highest level of Montessori recognition. Why is this important? Usage of the word “Montessori” by any preschool does not require a franchise or license. Montessori is simply a philosophy of education and anyone can use its methods. However, the only guarantee that a school or preschool actually upholds the standards of the world-renowned Montessori Method of Education is through official accreditation.

The significant difference between AMI accredited schools and others lies in the accuracy, mastery and comprehensiveness with which the concepts are imparted, the advancement, learning-rate and development of children and the level of teacher training required. Further, the requirements to maintain such accreditation are quite demanding. Therefore, AMI Montessori schools are rare to find but very easy to hold-on to.

Our entire staff is very carefully chosen with the highest regard for nurturing, integral and professional qualities. Our teachers are AMI-Montessori certified, while most of them also hold Masters degrees from prestigious colleges around the nation.

These highest standards for care and education, along with decades of Montessori experience, have made Sapientia Montessori School, Cedar Park Montessori School and Pflugerville Montessori School the top choices for Montessori, preschool and private elementary education in the North Austin area.

We hope you enjoy our website and welcome you to join our thriving community. For more information about our programs, schools and Montessori overall, or to schedule a tour, please call us at: (512) 260-2261.

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